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Virgin coconut oil, a type of saturated fat is important and beneficial for our health, including our heart health, brain, skin, our immune system and also thyroid. The Virgin Coconut Oil, saturated oil that has not been processed through heating or chemical should be a part of our dietary intake. Virgin coconut oil maintains its original structure and is natural. The lauric acid content in the coconut oil will convert to monolaurin in our body and this substance contains the anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antiprotozoal properties. Lauric acid is also prominent in the saturated fat of human breast milk, giving vital immune building properties to a child’s first stage of life. Outside of human breast milk, nature’s most abundant source of lauric acid is coconut oil. Coconut oil is also rich is capric acid and another added benefit is, it is antimicrobials, which can protect us from any infections. Coconut oil is a 100% natural alternative medication.

Studies conducted on NEUTRAX™ found that it is a unique compound that is clearly enriched relative to competing commercial virgin coconut oil. NEUTRAX™ has significant positive effects right across the board of tests conducted, including anti-microbial properties, immune system enhancement properties and longevity enhancement properties.