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RTB.go by Radio Televisyen Brunei is a Streaming Media Service Platform for Radio Televisyen Brunei. The pilot project was launched in August 2019 and was set to ingest thirty (30) hours of content in three (3) months to reach 5000 users. This platform is to broadcast RTB’s Live TV, Live Radio and Video On Demand and upon official launch, to potentially reach more than 400,000 thousand Bruneian public with internet access in the country or across the globe.

Replicating Malaysia’s own MyKlik platform success with Brunei’s unique requirements, the IPSB Digital Media Delivery Platform was curated with Amazon Web Services (AWS); EC2 for cloud computing, S3 for the video storage, Elemental Live Encoder and Cloudfront for CDN. To improve audience engagement, IPSB partners with Telos Alliance Radio Encoder using XSCALAR hardware and Digigram Sound card.